Steve Kukuruza of Fly With Me

Steve Kukuruza

Steve Kukuruza is a retired Vietnam Veteran. With his wife, Brenda, they travel the U.S. as full-time RVers, visiting our country and making professional aerial videos of businesses, attractions, and events where ever they go.

With 20 years of law enforcement and 17 years in emergency medicine, he has learned the value of paying attention to sights and activities that a lot of people miss. This enables him to make the best possible videos for your needs.

Steve is certified by the FAA to operate a sUAS (small Unmaned Aerial System), has attended the Drone Command seminar by Damon Darnell and is a Certified Aerial Roof Survey Specialist. (CARRS)

Location: United States
Industry: Photography, Inspection
Facebook: Fly-With-Me
YouTube: Fly With Me


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