Noellie Sartorio

Noellie Sartorio

I’m a French 26 years old quad pilot, currently living in Australia. I love flying, traveling and spreading the love of FPV. My first steps in RC started in 2014 when I received my first quadcopter. It was a small toy that could only be flown LOS and even if I liked it, I must admit I didn’t fly it that much. In 2016 I discovered a Youtube Channel called Ummagawd and immediately got hooked by the possibilities of FPV. This is how I got into our community. I built my first quad in December 2016 and seriously started flying in February 2017. I’ve been flying nonstop since then and I love our hobby and community more and more every day. Proudly supported by Armattan, TBS and DalProp.

Location: Australia
Industry: Racing
Alias: Onigiri FPV
Sponsors: Armattan, TBS, DalProp


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