Lexie Janson

Lexie Janson

I am a licensed drone pilot, FPV (First Person View) drone pilot, traveler, Public speaker and Programmer. I produce 2 videos per week (Tuesday & Thursday at 6 pm CET) and feed you pretty photos 2 times a week (Wednesday, Friday 6 pm CET) and daily stories via my Instagram. I’m all about travel, photography, sharing love, passion and knowledge with others and self-growth. What breaks my heart the most is seeing people unhappy with their lives, so I am trying to show them that everything is possible, and the only person responsible for your happiness – is YOU. I believe everything is achievable if you put in the hard, smart work and never, ever give up. I believe in you! And you can do the thing! Thanks for being here and enjoying the ride. Sign up for my newsletter for a free sticker pack delivered directly to you!

Location: Ireland
Industry: Racing
Alias: MaiOnHigh


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