Gabriel Kocher

Gabriel Kocher

Gabriel Kocher, aka Gab707, is a swiss drone pilot based in Montreal, Canada, and the current runner-up drone racing world champion and Canadian drone racing champion. He is well known for his unique video shots, capturing the world at a fast pace with very creative camera movements. Gab707 is certified as a Part 107 operator from the US Federal Aviation Agency. Gab707 works with world-class athletes such as climbers, snowboarders, wingsuit flyers or car racers to produce close up action videos with novel perspectives. Gab707 excels at maneuvering drones in extremely wild environments. His expertise both in high proximity flying through tight spaces and long-range flying makes him one of the most experienced pilots for filming nature and wildlife from an uncommon perspective.

Location: Canada
Industry: Racing
Alias: Gab707
Awards: Drone Racing League
Certified: FAA Part 107


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